The Power Of Now


I got this book from a friend. This is one of the most important books I ever read. It is one of my favorite. It is not a fiction, not a fable. This book is about the present moment, about now. An author is Eckhart Tolle, well known spiritual teacher. His philosophy is simply to observe and live in the now. According to him most of us do not live in the present moment and that is the cause of all the suffering. This book changed my perspective, way I was viewing the world and myself. His teaching helps me understand who I am.

This is the terribleĀ cover design of one of the best book ever.


I studied the cover for design and what it expresses. Which motifs were used to describe the content and how the author of the project operated the composition.


Great things deserve great design. A book that I have is very poorly designed so I put my work to it and designed it so that great thing can be great again.