A beautifully designed system of connected websites with great culture and a castle in the background and a movie promoting the portal with the main monkey in the lead role.

ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań

ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań is one of the largest cultural dissemination institutions in the region as well as in Poland. The program of this interdisciplinary institution is very rich and presents the most interesting phenomena of contemporary culture, intermingling and complementing visual arts, theater, film, music and literature. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of our customers and to develop their individual competencies. Our website is a very important tool for communication, information and promotion of our activities, so we decided to create a more functional and intuitive website.

In this case, we applied to the Space Monkeys Creative Studio, which has designed a new website for us from September 2016 to January 2017 and has created an image-advertising video that is an integral part of it.

During our cooperation, Space Monkeys has shown a high level of professionalism, full commitment and diligent service. Space Monkeys approached our order very personally, implemented creative and innovative solutions, using current trends tailored to the needs of users.

Thanks to that, in a short time a good website with the friendly interface was created, with its interesting design. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the work of the Space Monkeys Creative Studio by visiting our website www.ckzamek.pl.

Zofia Starikiewicz
Deputy Program Director of ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań

Together with the programming studio Panowie Programiści we are responsible for analysis, briefing, and implementation. On our side is also the concept, navigation system and the entire graphic design. We oversaw the development work so that everything went as we designed it. We have been addressing problems and solving them during implementation.

see website


Create a new website, more functional, more intuitive, easy to navigate and communicative. Friendly in reception with a great emphasis on functional mobile site. Design of linked pages, calendars, and solids from which you can compose subpages.

Cultural Phrases

We created an interesting motif emerging after hovering on the CK Castle logo. The system draws one of the texts we have written about culture. It’s clever and interesting.

 Subpages of Festivals

We have designed the system for all subpages of festivals. Their distinguishing feature is the logo in the upper left corner and the graphic or background image.

The website of the palace cinema differs from the rest of the premier exhibit on its home page.

Event Panel

In the event panel, we obtained information purity by fading out non-active sections. If the cursor is in the event bar then the festival icons are faded. If it is in the fistival area the event fades.




The Film

Along with the website, we have produced and produced a film promoting the new site and structure of the castle. To do this, we sent the chief monkey – Marcel, to the castle to learn how the castle works. Check yourself.

Website credits:

Creative direction/Art direction/Design: Marcel
Consultations: Adrian Hołota, Marcel
implementation/coding: Panowie Programiści

Film credits:

Creative direction/Art direction/Concept: Marcel
Consultations: Marcel
Script: Marcel, Tadeusz Konieczny
Directed: Marcel
Voice over: Tadeusz Konieczny
Camera operator: Patryk Matela
Edit: Marcel